Google Shopping Ads for Amazon products

      Boost your Amazon sales


      New chance

      It has only recently become possible to direct Google Shopping traffic to Amazon products with correct tracking. Take advantage of that and beat the competition!

      Highest quality traffic

      Google Shopping Traffic can be optimized based on performance and has high conversion rates. That generates profitable sales at Amazon!

      Better Amazon ranking

      Products with more traffic and higher sales are ranked better on Amazon! This is especially true for the unpaid results.

      Double display of shopping ads

      For a specific product, Google Shopping Ads from the Amazon store and the web shop can be displayed at the same time.

      How would you like to implement Shopping Ads for Amazon?

      Do it yourself

      adstrong provides you with an “Amazon enabled” Google Merchant Center with which you can run Google Shopping Ads for your Amazon products.

      Full Set-up

      Includes everything from “do it yourself”. In addition, we set up a functioning tracking between Google & Amazon and support you in creating the Google Shopping product feed.

      Full Service

      Includes everything from “full set-up”. In addition, adstrong takes care of the creation and management of your Google Shopping campaigns as part of an affiliate cooperation.

      Branded Shopping Ads for Amazon

      Large Amazon sellers with their own web shop have the option of combining any package with Branded Shopping Ads.

      Partners who trust adstrong

      „adstrong not only masters marketing but also has great technical skills. "Google Shopping Ads for Amazon Products" is a very strong and innovative product. Amazon sellers who are interested in fairly priced traffic for Amazon and additional sales while asserting themselves against their competition, will find that adstrong offers such a solution.

      Stephanie Richter

      The Google Shopping Ads bring us valuable traffic to our Amazon products. As a result, we have not only increased our sales profitably, but also improved our ranking in the Amazon internal search. adstrong took care of the complete technical setup so that we had nothing to do here. It simply works.

      Martin Heller
      CEO, brandnoo