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Google Shopping Ads for eBay products

CSS Google Premium Partner 2023

Boost your eBay sales

Boost your amazon sales - Experts only

Experts only

Our solution is for advanced marketers only since it requires know-how from different areas. If you’re a marketing nerd, you can exploit your skills to set this up and beat your competition.

Booste deine Amazon Käufe - Traffic höchster Qualität

Highest quality traffic

Google Shopping Traffic can be optimized based on performance and has high conversion rates. That generates profitable sales at eBay!

Booste deine Amazon Käufe - Besseres amazon Ranking

Better eBay ranking

Products with more traffic and higher sales are ranked better on eBay! This is especially true for the unpaid results.

Booste deine Amazon Käufe - Doppelte Ausspielung von Shopping Ads

Double display of shopping ads

For a specific product, Google Shopping Ads from the eBay store and the web shop can be displayed at the same time.

How Google Shopping Ads for eBay works

Get your setup from adstrong

We provide you with an “eBay enabled” Google Merchant Center (GMC) which has the eBay domain claimed & verified. You can use this special GMC to run Google Shopping Ads for your eBay products.

Create your Google product feed

Create a product feed with all your eBay products that you want to market. Then upload this feed to your eBay enabled GMC.

Start your Shopping Campaigns

Set up a Google Ads Account or use your existing one. Link it to your eBay enabled GMC and set up your Shopping Campaigns. Now you’re sending high quality traffic directly to your eBay products.

Track how much money you make

Use the adstrong tracking service to get the klicks, sales and revenues of your Shopping Campaigns. You even get a csv file that you can upload to Google as offline conversions in order to better optimize your campaigns.