Branded Shopping Ads

    Your agency name appears as a link in all your Google Shopping ads!

      The Google Shopping Ads upgrade for agencies

      Increased visibility & branding

      Shopping ads are branded with the name of your agency. Every impression increases your visibility.

      Automatic new customer acquisition

      Potential customers can see who is responsible for the top placed ads and can contact your agency.

      Use full CSS advantages

      All branded shopping ads enjoy all CSS benefits including the 25% CPC boost.

      No longer strengthen the competition

      If your current CSS provider is an agency itself, you strengthen your competition and can lose customers.

      No extra effort, no risk


      adstrong provides you with your own branded agency CSS and fulfills all associated Google requirements for you.


      We take care of the operation and continuously improve our technology  to meet all upcoming Google CSS requirements.


      With your consent, all merchant centers will be moved to your new agency CSS & immediately enjoy all CSS benefits.


      Everything else stays the same – no changes to Ads Accounts, MCCs, MCAs, Campaigns, … are made. No account access is required.

      Use Branded Shopping Ads now!

      * Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary

      Partners who trust adstrong

      Our branded shopping ads run great, sustainably strengthen our brand and help us with the acquisition of new customers. While not requiring any additional effort compared to a classic CSS setup. It is a real pleasure to work with the adstrong team on a professional and personal level, and hence the extraordinary success is no surprise.

      Christian Hampp
      CEO, emarketing

      „For us at Hanseranking, CSS was a standard topic for our customers. We were all the more enthusiastic about the support we get from the adstrong team at a top price. The team consists of real professionals when it comes to price comparison industry and they react immediately and personally to changes made by us Customers. This new technical competence which is illustrated by our shopping ads being branded with Hanseranking is also noticed by our customers. That has already helped us to gain some new accounts and has also drawn the attention of potential employees to us.“

      Dennis Renk
      CEO, hanseranking


      It always bothered us that millions of shopping page impressions from our customers advertise another online marketing provider. When we found out about the simple and fast solution from adstrong, which displays our own agency branding on the Google Search Results page without any additional effort, we immediately decided to take advantage of that. Our brand is now being shown millions of times with no additional cost and thus helps us to attract new customers

      Mike Klostermann
      CEO, favineo