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Your own Branded Agency CSS will unlock unprecedented benefits on Google Ads for Shopping.

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Better Performance

Free Branding

Free Traffic

Extra Google Support

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Helping agencies succeed on Google Shopping.

Your own Branded Agency CSS will massively outperform a conventional CSS!

Using a CSS was a great way to get a competitive edge until around 2021. Now the CPC boost doesn’t provide a relative advantage because everyone has it. You have to unlock the additional CSS Provider Benefits if you want to outperform your competition!

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Massive Branding

Your CSS will take your brand’s awareness to the next level. Shops dominate search results while Agencies generate inbound leads and improve conversion rates.

Free Traffic

Clicks on the “By CSS” link are free and lead to the CSS-site, not the shop. Conventional CSSs mainly sell these clicks to the highest bidding competitor. We ensure that you get all of your free traffic.

Better Performance

The CSS CPC benefit increases your ads’ performance. In addition, Shops with their own CSS can increase their CTR & further lower their CPCs. And everyone benefits of exclusive reports that Google offers to CSS providers.

Google Support

As CSS provider, you get additional Google support up to dedicated account managers and technical representatives. You get access to PMax & feed support and can manage negative keywords for PMax on campaign level.

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100% Google policy compliant
White Label CSS by adstrong

Over 15% of all CSSs in the world are based on our Branded Agency CSS solution.

Furthermore, with over 7,000 Merchant Centers, adstrong is also one of the largest traditional CSS providers in the world.

Our clear focus and the resulting unique wealth of experience are reflected in our top-class and competent customer service. We are not just ready with support when you have questions. We go a step further and proactively educate you so that you get the most out of the Google CSS Program and set new records!

Dominate Google Shopping Ads without risk or extra effort.

Plug & Play

You have zero work to set up your CSS or to keep it going. No need for know-how, extra resources or IT knowledge. We take care of everything while you reap the rewards.

Seamless migration

Switching to your own CSS is done within seconds and doesn’t affect your existing setup. You don’t need any new accounts; your existing accounts, campaigns and feeds keep on running and won’t have any interruptions or downtimes.

Safe & Secure

Our solution has been developed in tight cooperation with Google and is the only solution on the market that is always 100% Google Policy compliant. We don’t need access to your Google Ads accounts and don’t process any sensitive data.
Google Shopping Ad example with Running Shoe "By Your Brand"

You will succeed

Our 5-star customer support & success team will make sure that everything runs baby smooth. And we go one step further – our CSS Mastery Content will ensure that you will get the maximum out of the Google CSS program.

Becoming a Google CSS just takes few minutes.


You sign up with adstrong & provide basic data (usually takes 10 minutes).

CSS Setup

We set up your branded Agency CSS-Site (your design, your domain, your products). The site is fully responsive, localized for all 21 CSS markets and more than fulfils all Google CSS requirements.

CSS Application

We complete the CSS application for you, perfectly configure your Google CSS account and provide you with simple instructions & admin access.


Now you can dominate Google Ads for Shopping and benefit from all the CSS provider superpowers.

adstrong Branded Agency CSS benefits.

Gain up to 25% CPC boost and unlock exclusive benefits with your Branded Agency CSS solution, transforming your Google Shopping Ads into high-performance assets with enhanced visibility.

Up to 25% CPC boost for Shopping Ads on Google

A Branded Agency CSS encompasses the normal CSS CPC benefit that effectively equals a CPC increase of up to 25%.

Massive Branding

Have your shopping ads generate millions of free brand impressions, massive visibility and take your awareness to the next level.

Free traffic from Google

Shopping ads generate up to 3% additional free clicks that you lose to competitors unless you leverage our Branded CSS solution.

Free Clicks Booster

Other (Branded) CSS solutions take your free CSS-traffic to the competition. Our “Free Clicks Booster” ensures that it’s taken to your products instead.

Your clients are safe

In constrast to other CSSs, adstrong is no agency and never will become one. We’ll never be a competitor and your clients are safe.

More Google support

CSS providers get additional Google support up to dedicated technical- and account management.

More Google features

CSS providers get access to exclusive data and Google perks for better campaign optimization (e.g. negative keyword management for PMax on campaign level).

Inbound leads

The massive visibility in Google Shopping that agencies with their own CSS have, generates inbound leads for them.

Better Conversion rates

The massive branding and the visible expert status that agencies with their own CSS get, increases their awareness, their trust and their conversion rates.

100% Google Policy compliant

Several of our clients had their CSS Google-suspended when using another Branded CSS provider. adstrong is the largest & most professional provider who always works Google policy compliant.

5-star premium support

adstrong excells at customer support and was given a 5-star rating by its clients. Our 100% focus on CSS ensures top of the notch competency.

Become a one-stop-shop

Being able to offer your clients a premium CSS makes your agency a one-stop-shop and you prevent your clients reaching out to potential competitors.

adstrong CSS mastery

Our exclusive CSS Mastery content will show you even the most advanced tips & tricks that you can use to ouperform your competition.

Shopping ads channel protection

With advanced CSS settings, you can reclaim full control of Google Shopping Ads for your domain(s) and make sure that other players don’t cannibalize your shop’s traffic.

Agency marketing support

We provide agencies with additional marketing assets to help them sell their premium CSS to their clients.

Full control over CSS

Access to your own Google CSS Center gives you full control over everything Google CSS related and eliminates dependencies on others.

Extra business model

Agencies get a great first catch product to offer to their customers and an extra way to generate revenues.

Additional trust & expertise

Agencies with their own CSS get more trust because they can show their advanced Google Shopping expertise with the CSS-link in every ad impression.

Google CSS badges

Agencies who reach the CSS Partner or Premium Partner status get exclusive Google badges and are listed in Google’s official CSS Partner directory.

Protection from competitors

Agencies without an own CSS lose their ads’ branding to another CSS provider who might well be a competitor who fosters relationships to their clients.

Customer testimonials

Agencies with their own CSS turn their clients’ ads into indirect testimonials that increase the agency’s trust.

Better agency services

Agencies can use the Google CSS provider empowerment to provide better services & optimizations to their customers.

Customer lock-in

Our unique Branded CSS solution encompasses way more benefits than a conventional CSS. Agencies get an extra lock-in effect.

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Learn why CSS providers get an unfair competitive advantage on Google and how you can use your own CSS to be a winner on Google Shopping.

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Ingmar Albert, CEO, adstrong

The leading CSS product on the market.

What matters when choosing a CSS solution:

Branded Agency CSS


CSS CPC Advantage

Free Branding for your Agency

Free Traffic for your Customers

Own Ads Strengthen Foreign Brands

Better Google standing, incl. direct Google CSS Support

Free Traffic for the Competition of your Customers

Setting Negative Keywords for PMax at Campaign Level

No Effort Required from you

100% Google policy compliant

Premium Support

Choose the plan that's right for you.

All prices shown as monthly pricing.

Agency Plan



Billed annually / Annual contract
+€99/month per activated country¹

Brand/Shop Plan



Billed annually / Annual contract
All 21 CSS Countries included

Agency Plan



Billed monthly / Annual contract
+€119/month per activated country¹

Brand/Shop Plan



Billed monthly / Annual contract
All 21 CSS Countries included

Agency Plan



Billed monthly / Monthly contract
+€139/month per activated country¹

Brand/Shop Plan



Billed monthly / Monthly contract
All 21 CSS Countries included

All prices plus applicable sales tax.

¹ Additional country costs capped at €599/month, regardless of activation count.

² Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary.

³ On Demand, additional fees

Payments are secure & encrypted

adstrong's Branded Agency CSS was developed in cooperation with Google.

The strongest advantages of the Google CSS program were previously withheld from the CSS providers themselves. This has changed with adstrong‘s Branded Agency CSS solution: Now, over 15% of all CSSs worldwide are based on our solution – and it‘s all 100% Google policy compliant.

100% Google policy compliant
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White Label CSS by adstrong

Agencies who trust adstrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explore the answers to common queries and make the most of your adstrong experience.
What is the difference between adstrong's various CSS solutions?

adstrong’s CPC Boost is our normal Google CSS service that increases the effective CPCs of Shopping Ads by up to 25%. Our CSS is activated in all 21 available CSS countries and we posses all existing Google opt-ins to ensure maximum reach of Shopping Campaigns that use our CSS. This is the perfect option for advertisers with less than 10k € in monthly ad spend on Google.

adstrong’s Branded CSS solution goes one step further. We provide you with your own Branded CSS and thereby make you a Google CSS provider. Being a CSS provider includes a wide selection of extra perks for your Shopping Ads (massive branding, free extra traffic, …). This is the perfect option for advertisers with more than 10k € in monthly ad spend on Google.

adstrong’s affiliate services consist of managed CSS services. We run Google Shopping campaigns for your online shop. We do all the work and pay for all of the traffic and you pay us a 100% success based fee (usually a share of the revenues our traffic generates). You have zero risk and we make sure to find the sales you’re missing. This is the perfect option for shops with at least 7-digits in annual revenues who are ideally already listed on an affiliate network (e.g. AWIN).

adstrong’s Google Shopping Ads for Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay is a technical solution that allows you to run Shopping Ads on Google for your product listings on any marketplace (e.g. Amazon, eBay, …). You can increase your sales and your organic ranking and unlock an extremely valuable marketing channel. This is the ideal solution for Marketplace sellers who are looking to grow and know how to set up and run Shopping Ads on Google.

What is the Google CSS program and how does it work?
The Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program is a program from Google that allows online shops to list their products on Google Shopping. Google works with so-called Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). Using these CSS providers, online retailers can advertise their products on Google Shopping to increase their visibility. The Google CSS program was launched after the EU Commission fined Google €2.42 billion in 2017 for violating EU competition law. The court ruling said that Google had placed its own price comparison (Google Shopping) on Google more prominently than other price comparisons and now had to ensure fair competition. As a result, Google Shopping Europe (GSE) was spun off as an independent company and acts as the standard CSS provider for all merchants who have not decided on any other CSS. In order to have an economic raison d’être, GSE must generate profits. It does this by retaining around 20% of all CPC bids that go through GSE, according to popular belief. This means that only 80% of the CPCs are used as a bid for shopping ads. If an online shop chooses another CSS partner like adstrong, this fee does not apply. As a result, CPCs are up to 25% higher than when using GSE. In order to use a CSS, one must register with a CSS provider who then sends a CSS switch request to the respective Merchant Center. Once accepted, the Shopping Ads will benefit from the CPC benefit and the CSS provider’s name will appear at the bottom of the Shopping Ads.
How to become a Google CSS provider?

In order to become a Google CSS provider, one must meet a few requirements (see below). As the largest Branded CSS provider, we at adstrong can tell you that there is a lot to do here and that it is not worth it for most agencies or shops. That’s why our Branded CSS solution covers everything and our customers don’t have to do anything.

In order to become a Google CSS provider, one must first have a registered company in an EU country and own a Google Merchant Center. You also have to run a price comparison portal that has a decent search algorithm and also offers filter and sorting functions. For each country in which you want to be certified as a CSS provider, the price comparison site must list products from at least 50 local retailers. Ideally, you can compare the offers of several providers for each product.

How do I become a Google CSS Partner?

Google CSS Partner Status is an exclusive premium status granted by Google to larger CSS providers. It allows the use of the Google CSS Partner Badge and leads to listing in the Google CSS Partner Directory.

In order to become a Google CSS Partner, one must meet the requirements for a Google CSS provider and also (A) have access to the Google CSS Education Hub, (B) have at least two employees with CSS certification in the company and lastly (C) have at least 50 active Merchant Center accounts linked to their Google CSS domain.

These advanced requirements can also be met using adstrong’s Branded CSS solution.

How do I become a Google CSS Premium Partner?
The Google CSS Premium Partner status is the highest attainable CSS status. It allows the use of the Google CSS Premium Partner Badge and shows the status in the Google CSS Partner directory.
How does your Branded CSS solution work?

Essentially, we continuously ensure that all Google CSS requirements are met for our customers. We’re pretty good at that. With clients in the triple digits, our success rate is 100% and we’ve never had any Google policy violations. This is because we worked very closely with Google on our Branded CSS solution from the start to be 100% on the safe side. Specifically, the process for your own Branded CSS looks like this:

  1. We collect the data necessary to achieve CSS status (e.g. company name, desired CSS name, …). It typically takes 10-15 minutes to provide this data.
  2. We create your branded price comparison site. It meets all Google CSS requirements 100%, lists over 3,000 merchants, has sorting and filter options, is high-performance, multilingual, can be on your domain and also links to your homepage.
  3. We submit your CSS application to Google and after a week or two, Google will set up your CSS account.
  4. Finally, we optimally configure your CSS and hand it over to you with a corresponding onboarding.

And of course, we are always there for you with our top-rated support.

In which countries does Branded CSS work?

The Google CSS program is currently active in 21 European countries and adstrong’s Branded CSS solution works in all of these countries. The countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Is a Branded CSS Google Compliant?

We developed our Branded CSS solution in cooperation with Google and let Google assure us that that’s okay. Our approach is 100% compliant and even with a three-digit number of Branded CSS accounts, there have never been any Google policy issues.

With your Branded CSS you can rest assured that everything works optimally.

How did you come up with the idea of a Branded CSS? Are agencies really getting more incoming customer inquiries?

A good friend of the founder Ingmar runs an online gin shop and was one of adstrong’s first CSS customers. At the time, Ingmar noticed that many incoming customer inquiries came from online liquor shops and in conversations it turned out that these interested parties had seen the “By adstrong” link among their competitor’s shopping ads.

Since then, countless leads have come to us who had seen the “By adstrong” link in shopping ads and wanted “their products to show up at the top, too”. Since we do not offer agency services, we cannot use these valuable leads.

A virtue arose out of necessity – our Branded CSS solution. Here we ensure that these leads can also be helped and that they end up in the right place: with online marketing agencies. You can skim through our testimonials to see that this works.

Will the Google CSS program be discontinued by Google soon?
We regularly ask Google about the future of the CSS program. According to Google, the CSS program is a success and “here to stay”. Investing in your own white label CSS now is therefore a safe investment for the future.
How big is the CSS CPC advantage exactly?

Google Shopping Europe (GSE) has repeatedly confirmed that they keep a portion of all CPCs. However, GSE does not publish the exact size of this part. Therefore, no one knows exactly what percentage of CPCs are withheld by GSE.

At the beginning of the CSS program, some CSS providers ran A/B tests in which they pitted identical campaigns against each other with and without CSS. Several vendors have independently come to the conclusion that they had to reduce the CPCs in the CSS campaign by around 20% in order for it to get the same amount of traffic as the non-CSS campaign. For this reason, most CSS providers write that GSE retains 20% of the CPCs.

This means that at GSE a €1 CPC bid is reduced to 80 cents. Or to put it the other way around: to get an effective bid of €1, I have to enter €1.25. So 25% more.

That’s why at adstrong we say that a CSS increases effective CPCs by up to 25%.

Is the Google CSS program compatible with PMax campaigns?

The Google CSS program works independently of bidding strategies, campaign settings or account settings.

By using a CSS, the effective CPC of Google Shopping ads increases by up to 25% in all setups. In addition, the name of the CSS provider is highlighted at the bottom of the shopping ads.

When using CSS, will my ads also appear in the Google Shopping tab?

If you use the adstrong CSS or the adstrong Branded CSS, your shopping ads will not lose any reach – the campaigns will be displayed in the same way as with Google Shopping Europe.

However, this is not the case with all CSS providers. In order to get the full range, the CSS provider must provide special opt-ins with Google. Therefore, make sure that your CSS provider has opted in regarding “Shopping Ads beyond general search”.

Do I keep my free listings if I use a CSS?

You can use free listings when using a CSS.

However, when changing CSS, it can happen that a Merchant Center loses its free listings. Because when switching CSS, the free listings are assigned to the oldest Merchant Center that is assigned to a specific shop.

Free listings lost in this way can be easily retrieved. If this is the case for you, contact us and we will help you quickly.

Can I place shopping ads outside of Europe in a CSS Merchant Center?

That depends on the CSS provider. A special Google opt-in is required so that products outside of Europe can also be advertised with a CSS Merchant Center. Therefore, make sure that you work with a professional CSS provider who has opted in to “Shopping Ads outside of Europe” on Google.

At adstrong, we have all the opt-ins. This means that our CSS and all of our white label CSS are optimally configured – also with regard to shopping ads outside of Europe.

Can I insert negative keywords at account level and at PMax campaign level in CSS Shopping campaigns

Only CSS providers can manage negative keywords for PMax campaigns. That is why it is particularly important for agencies to be CSS providers themselves. In this way, negative keywords can be managed efficiently & by yourself. You can fulfill customer requests directly while saving yourself the detour via an external CSS provider.

How can I remove Merchant Center from my CSS?

Of course, a CSS provider can also remove Merchant Center from its CSS. To do this, he sends a request to Google Shopping Europe via the CSS Support Portal and requests a Merchant Center switch. Google Shopping Europe then sends a CSS switch request to the Merchant Center.

Once this request is accepted in the Merchant Center, the switch back to GSE is complete. If the Merchant Center admin refuses to accept the request, the CSS provider can request the deletion of this Merchant Center.

Do I have any disadvantages with CSS? What do I have to consider when choosing my CSS provider?

If you have chosen a professional CSS partner like adstrong, you will not have any disadvantages from using a CSS. It comes down to the following things:

  1. You have to make sure that your CSS provider has activated the Google opt-ins regarding “Shopping Ads beyond general search” and “placing Shopping Ads outside of Europe”.
  2. In addition, the CSS provider must be certified by Google in all countries that are relevant to you.
  3. In addition, the CSS provider should be known for good support. Since Google is continuously developing the CSS program, things go wrong from time to time. Especially the cheap providers like to leave their customers out in the rain.
  4. Finally, it’s important to know that PMax campaigns can have stronger performance fluctuations for a day or two after a CSS switch. This is because the algorithm has to adapt to the new bidding situation. He does this by experimenting with the bids to find the new optimum.

As one of the largest CSS premium providers in the world, adstrong is certified in all CSS countries and has all Google opt-ins. In addition, we are continually praised for our top-notch customer support.

Isn't “By Google” in the ads more trustworthy and therefore does it perform better?

Doesn’t “By Google” in Shopping Ads inspire more trust than the name of any CSS provider? And doesn’t that affect the CTR?

We could not measure that ads “By Google” have a better CTR than ads “By CSS”. And if there is a positive effect here, it is certainly not worth up to 20% of all CPCs! In this respect, the use of CSS is always the better option.

In addition, we were able to measure that the CTR increases if the CSS provider’s brand is relevant to the product category searched for. This is particularly important if the CSS provider is a well-known brand or owns a keyword domain. So “By Nike” or “By sneaker heroes” would certainly perform better when searching for Nike sneakers than “By any CSS”.

Are there any downtimes with the adstrong CSS solutions?

There are no downtimes or interruptions either with a Merchant Center CSS switch or with our Branded CSS setup. Everything runs continuously, safely and steadily.

After the CSS switch the CPC boost kicks in, the brand of the CSS provider is shown in the shopping ads, and the “by CSS” link leads to the CSS’ price comparison site.

Is it 20% or 25%?

Google Shopping Europe retains up to 20% of the CPCs.

That means a €1 CPC bid is effectively reduced to 80 cents. To counteract this, I would need to increase my CPCs by 25%. My CPC would then be €1.25 and if 20% is subtracted from that the effective CPC is €1.

Since using a CSS neutralizes the negative effect of GSE, the effect is equivalent to up to a 25% increase in CPCs.

Can I also switch MCAs into my CSS?

Yes, you can also switch Multi Client Accounts (MCAs) including all Merchant Centers they contain to a CSS. This is done via the “standalone account switch” that the CSS provider can use.

How long will it take me to become a CSS provider?

After you have invested 10 – 15 minutes to provide us with the data necessary for CSS set up, it takes one to two weeks until you have become a CSS provider with our Branded CSS solution.

Can I also become a Google CSS Partner or Premium Partner with adstrong?

Yes, adstrong’s Branded CSS solution can also achieve CSS Partner status for you.

The exclusive Google CSS Partner status allows the use of the Google CSS Partner badge and leads to listing in the Google CSS Partner directory.

If you are one of the 25% largest CSS Partners, measured by shopping ad impressions, you will receive Google CSS Premium Partner status. Some of our Branded CSS customers have done so already.