25% CPC Boost (CSS) - FOR FREE

If you accept that we link our adstrong MCC to your Google Ads account, you get the 25% CPC Boost (CSS) 100% FOR FREE! In addition you get free access to adstrong‘s premium support. To do so, provide your Google Ads ID below. 

If you don’t wish to link accounts, just chose our paid plan by skipping the Google Ads ID field: 
€ 49.99  (plus € 29.99 per shop or country after the first) per month¹.

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You find your Google Ads ID on https://ads.google.com

The country where the products included in your data feed are sold

We need your Google shopping-feed to list your products on adstrong.eu

You find your Merchant Center ID on https://merchants.google.com


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Note: We have to ask for your credit card data due to identification purposes. We’ll not charge your credit card.

¹ Prices excl. VAT, service can be cancelled at any time.